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About Me


Zoe is a Toronto based comedian and comedy writer! Raised by the sweet streets of the six Zoe has been exploring the wide variety of shows available at home as well as in Vancouver, BC. 

Zoe has produced her own show in the city for over 2 years, a quarterly spectacle aptly named Laugh Your Butt Off (IG @yourbuttoff) that has seen some of the countries best comedic talents! Proceeds from this show have gone to various charities throughout the city including Sistering and Idle No More.

Zoe is a founding member of the female Cannabis and Comedy collective Shweed; providing education and hilarity around cannabis use (IG @shweedcollective). Find out more at


For the past two years Zoe has been an active member of the cannabis industry in Toronto. 

Working with different agencies Zoe has developed strategic marketing and public relations initiatives to help promote the normalization of cannabis in preparation for legalization

Upcoming Projects

Zoe is currently in development on several exciting projects including:

A weekly cannabis podcast: The Dopist (IG @thedopist)

A web series chronicling the development of cannabis normalization in Canada 

A whole HOST of fantastic comedy shows around Toronto   

The Shweed Collective Presents: You Me & Shweed

Earlier this year Shweed had their first show at The Underground Comedy Club. 

It was a hilarious night with some great Toronto talent, and me

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