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Copywriting & Design

I've been writing stories and one-act plays since university where I studied performance acting. My focus as a writer lies mostly in my romantic and familial relationships and my experience as a traveler. Over the last 4 years I have been developing my graphic design and illustration skills in order to continue telling these stories using different mediums. I draw in Adobe Illustrator and work with paints and pen/ink.



I started performing as a comic in 2015 after a series of bad auditions and zero acting prospects ahead of me. I found comedy to be a reliable outlet for my desire as a performer and also a regular demand to work on my writing. Stand up has fueled my professional copywriting, long form storytelling and (I think) my sparkling personality. I've been a finalist and winner of comedy competitions but I don't do it for the glory, the goal has always been and will continue to be to make my 94 year old bubi laugh. Which is impossible.


Coming Up

Earlier this year I decided to mix things up and follow my sister to the Netherlands. I'm working on expanding my portfolio, writing new material for my comedy work and finding new connections in the design world. Like what you've seen? Come to a show and say hi or reach out if you think we can make something cool together!

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